Why Uros?

Six hundred years ago the Uros people lived on the shores of Lake Titikaka on the boarders of Peru and Bolivia. Their way of life was threatened by the growing Incan empire. Their solution to avoid conflict was to build floating islands and move their life on to the lake. Six hundred years later the Uros people continue to live sustainably floating on Lake Titikaka, the highest navigable lake in the world.

The ethos the Uros people live by and the dedication to find a solution for all is both inspiring and innovative. These types of skills are often required today as businesses face their own challenges. Uros Consulting is dedicated to supporting your business find new ways to overcome the hurdles that you face.

We can’t promise floating islands but we can guarantee to provide interesting and sustainable solutions delivered with integrity.

What can we help with?

Uros Consulting is led by Niki Roach, a utilities professional with 16 years experience working in the UK water sector. Niki has an undergraduate degree in Geography and a postgraduate diploma in water and environmental management. Her career has included roles across water and wastewater within water companies including front line operations, asset management and strategic organisational change.  More recently Niki has supported organisations with business development and implementation of new solutions.

Niki is a member of the Trustee Board of CIWEM and is a Chartered Water & Environment Manager (C.WEM), a Chartered Environmentalist (C.Env) and a member of the CIWEM wastewater national panel.Headshot August 2016-1-2

Niki is particularly interested in embedding sustainable change into organisations and LEAN and Six Sigma process improvement. Niki has specific expertise in the operation and rehabilitation of water distribution systems and experience in the management of sewage sludge logistics and recycling.

Niki can provide a practitioner view of the UK water industry and is particularly interested in the opportunities for de-regulation of the sludge market.

Do get in touch if you’d like to talk about working with Uros.

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